At a lofty height – of 27 metres to be more precise - new challenges await you in
   AREA 47  which will take courage and skill to overcome. Equipped with a lap belt,
   harness, climbing helmet and sturdy shoes you will wander through an exciting
   mix of rope slides, rope bridges and balance elements on Austria's highest high
   ropes course.





   On the Flying Fox, equipped with the necessary materials and the reassuring
   presence of an experienced guide you swing over the Ötztaler Ache and the
   7,000 m² Water AREA. Enjoy the view from a bird's-eye perspective. An  
   unforgettable experience that is not to be missed.




   Just before the leap off onto the Mega Swing your heart is in your mouth and
   that queasy feeling in your stomach causes you to tense up. On the Mega
   Swing in AREA 47 you swing from pillar to pillar at a height of 30 metres. A fantastic
   kick like nothing else!



As a Central guest you will receive a 35% discount off the regular price for all
outdoor activities in AREA 47!