COUPLE TREATMENTS - romantic wellness in Tyrol (Austria)

Wellness holiday in Sölden

Luxury Alpine Treatment 115 min.

Refined care rituals and beneficial relaxation phases form the pillars of the Luxury Alpine Treatment. After a whole-body peeling with alpine herbs and therapeutic oils, enjoy absolute calm with a glass of champagne and fresh fruits in the luxury bath tub. In the whole-body massage afterwards, with Tyrolean stones and natural oils you will reach a state of deep relaxation.


          € 138,-*




MONTEIL Cleopatra Treatment 85 min.

Allow yourself to be spoilt right at the beginning of this treatment with a beneficial whole-body peeling and then enjoy relaxed moments with each other with a Cleopatra bath in our luxury bathtub. You will experience deep relaxation during an energy-meridian massage. This luxurious treatment is finished with a moisturising body cream.


    € 138,-*




Rasul de Luxe 115 min.

This treatment consists of the combination of rasul and hamam. First the body is intensively pampered with a cream pack, and then one enjoys peace and relaxation with a glass of champagne. The soap brush massage provides the crowning finish to this luxurious treatment.


€ 98,-*




VINOBLE Luxury Moments 120 min.

This very special treatment begins with a beneficial ceremony for your feet in a singing bowl. Afterwards we indulge you with a nourishing full-body sea salt and grape seed exfoliating scrub, before you enjoy a bath in a barrique barrel in our luxurious bath tub with a glass of wine and some grapes. The highlight of this treatment is a relaxing full-body massage with a little grape seed bag and warm grape seed oil.


€ 195,-*



 *Prices are per person