Vines are one of the oldest plants of mankind. Its fruit, the grape, bears precious and valuable components. They are the basis for beauty, elasticity and a radiant complexion. The grapes used grow and mature in an organic farm in the sun-blessed region of Styria in Austria. These carefully selected natural delights are picked and further processed with a great deal of care and attention. Be inspired by the anti-aging effect of the grape!


Products from VINOBLE COSMETICS from Austria contain no parabens, no paraffins, no synthetic colourings and preservatives. They are free from mineral oils and silicone oils and are not tested on animals.





VINOBLE Anti-Aging treatment "Vino de Luxe" 90 min. 

This luxurious anti-aging facial treatment refreshes your skin. The results are visible even after the first treatment. Cell renewal is stimulated and natural, highly effective ampoules infiltrate the deep layers of the skin with a cooling vine leaf mask. Signs of skin aging are clearly reduced.


          € 145,-



VINOBLE Eye treatment "Visible" 25 min.

Treat your eyes! This eye treatment begins with a special massage technique, which completely relaxes and refreshes tired and stressed eyes. The effective Eye Lift ampoules have a smoothing effect and eradicate wrinkles. Afterwards an intensively nourishing eye mask which has calming active ingredients is used to great effect and helps your eyes sparkle again. This treatment can also be combined with a facial treatment.


€ 42,-




VINOBLE Luxury Moments 120 Min.
This very special treatment begins with a beneficial ceremony for your feet in a singing bowl. Afterwards we indulge you with a nourishing full-body sea salt and grape seed exfoliating scrub, before you enjoy a bath in a barrique barrel in our luxurious bath tub with a glass of wine and some grapes. The highlight of this treatment is a relaxing full-body massage with a little grape seed bag and warm grape seed oil.


€ 195,-



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