Filing and polishing of the nails, removal of cuticles, peeling, nail oil, hand massage 


          € 58,-




"HANDS-UP" Special Care For The Hands 80 min. 

Feel-good treatment for hands and nails that are especially dry and in need of care. OPI special care ritual with peeling, paraffin treatment, hand cream and special care for natural nails. Includes manicure!


€ 72,-





Removal of cuticles (treatment of marks left by pressure etc.), nail, peeling, nail oil, foot massage


€ 58,-




Artistic Colour Gloss varnish

If you want your manicure to last longer, just ask for the new, innovative gel polish by Artistic. This nail varnish has been specially developed for natural nails and is guaranteed to last at least three to four weeks. No chipping or scratching, it dries immediately and can be removed quickly and easily without damaging your natural nails.


€ 43,-





Additional charge for painting of nails   

€   8,-

Additional charge for French painting  

€ 15,-
Additional charge for rhinestones €   8,-