PHYTOMER Sculpture intégral 75 min.

A combined treatment for weight loss and cellulite with a self-heating, thermo-reduction seaweed formula promises visible results for your stomach, legs, bottom and knees. 

          €   98,-

5 treatments


€ 441,-



PHYTOMER Jambes légerés 45 min.

A cooling leg and vein treatment provides a targeted treatment to revive and relax tired legs and the result is visibly more beautiful legs.


€   50.-




PHYTOMER Tresor des Mers 55 min.

A soothing and relaxing whole-body pampering regime for silky smooth and toned skin. Specially developed body gels are used to target problem areas of the body. The result is a re-mineralising and draining effect. 

€   70.-

5 treatments


€ 315,-


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