Shiatsu 50 min. 

This Japanese tradition is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and focuses on massaging the energy channels in the body which are stimulated using pressure from the fingers and balls of the hand as well as gentle stretches and movements. The body’s lifedetermining flow of energy, circulation and powers of selfhealing are activated and supported.


€ 85,-




Tibetan sound bowl treatment 50 min. 

Vibration and harmony, balance and relief. Feel the power of our sound bowl treatment which relaxes, harmonises and stimulates the body to unfold its own powers of selfhealing. Please wear comfortable leisure clothing to the treatment.


€ 75,-




Pantai Luar 50 min.

Pantai Luar is a wonderfully relaxing massage rooted in the east Asian area. The name Pantai Luar means ‘heading for new shores’. As part of this massage technique, the body is massaged with fragrant fruit herbal parcels and massaged with a warm oil based on plant extracts. This stimulates the circulation and has a firming effect for a fantastic feeling.


€ 95,-



La Stone Massage 70 min. 

Heat and cold are harmoniously combined here to create a very special well-being experience. The heated basalt stones and cooled marble stones are placed on the body using the handed-down art of the La Stone ritual to create a harmonising balance between the body and mind.


              € 145,-