According to the motto "Beauty begins with smooth, healthy and radiant skin. Healthy skin starts with a healthy lifestyle and the

right care" we will spoil you with relaxing facial treatments in Tyrol which are specially adapted to the requirements of your skin. Before each treatment, your skin type is determined in order to be able to achieve the best effect with the best products (Phytomer, Alpienne, VINOBLE Sauvignon, Ligne St. Barth).






Facial treatment classic 50 min. 

After a gentle cleansing, a skin peeling with vapozon followed by a soothing deep cleansing. A mask or revitalising pack are applied along with a final pampering application to allow you to enjoy this treatment to the full.


          € 75,-




Facial treatment classic 80 min.

More time for maximum skin care. In addition to a gentle cleansing, peeling with vapozon and deep cleansing, we also offer eyebrow shaping and pamper you with a relaxing facial massage, hand massage with soothing oils and hand pack, a mask or pack and a final pampering skin care treatment.


€ 95,-






PHYTOMER skin care ritual with seawater pearls 90 min. 

This unique facial care process with an intensive moisture factor and absolute relaxation guarantee makes your skin look fresh, relaxed and radiant. The treatment comprises the cleaning of the skin, peeling with Vapozon, moisturising mask, stamp massage and final care procedure.


          € 135,-




LIGNE ST. BARTH Facial treatment "Pureness" 60 min.

LIGNE ST. BARTH Facial treatment "Freshness" 90 min.

A relaxing treatment for face, neck, décolleté and hands. Enjoy the fresh scent of natural tonics which are reminiscent of a basket of exotic fruit. The premium-quality plant-based beauty products with natural vitamins have a cleansing effect and encourage the skin’s natural function. This treatment is particularly soothing and pampering helping you to truly relax. The result is skin which is visibly clearer and fresher with a more even skin tone.

€   85,-

€ 135,-




Microdermabrasion treatment 80 min.

This microdermabrasion treatment is a highly effective and gentle method for regenerating and rejuvenating the skin. The uppermost layer of skin, of dead cells, is removed in a controlled way by means of fine crystals and thus promotes cell renewal. The microdermabrasion is used on small lines, and on ageing and pigment stains. It gives the skin a tangibly healthier appearance.


€ 125,-