LIGNE ST. BARTH Body treatment "Harmony" 60 min. 

A gentle and relaxing body treatment using skin care products specially adapted to suit your requirements. Gentle massaging of ivy gel, menthol oil and body lotion firms and rejuvenates the skin and tissues – a pampering treatment for the whole body. This treatment supports the relaxation and drainage of the lymph system, improves the elasticity of the tissues and has a smoothing and firming effect on the skin.


          € 85,-




LIGNE ST. BARTH Body treatment "Caribbean" 120 min.

Starting with the ‘Oanaloa Serenity Ritual’, you can enjoy some profound relaxation. After the ‘softness’ body scrub, we will pamper your skin with a body pack using fresh cucumber mousse. This is followed by a skin care ritual based on the effects of specially adapted products (ivy gel, menthol oil and body lotion). A small snack and refreshing drink are then provided to round off the treatment with some rest.


€ 150,-




LIGNE ST. BARTH Body treatment "Softness" 30 min. 

Relaxing peeling massage for velvety soft and even skin. The skin is cared for by the coconut oil and pampered with precious nutrients. Ideal as a preparation for an especially long-lasting and even tan.


€ 42,-






You float on a water-bed and the most precious natural products pamper skin and tissue with intensive, individually adapted care.

            € 62,-


  • Evening primrose oil pack with brush massage 50 min. 
    Has a very strong oil-restoring effect, ideal for very dry, worn skin.

  • Goats' butter cream pack with sea salt peeling 50 min.
    Has a very strong oil-restoring and therapeutic effect, ideal in cases of neurodermatitis, dry and sensitive skin.

  • Algae pack with brush massage 50 min.
    Has a purifying and detoxifying effect and firms skin and tissue.

  • Natural mud pack 50 min.
    Promotes the circulation, loosens muscle tension, ideal for joint problems.                                          



Thalasso treatment 80 min.

Enjoy this sought-after pampering ritual with a sea salt scrub, skin pack with warm algae mud and a gentle massage using Ligne St. Barth ivy gel and Ligne St. Barth menthol oil. The treatment has a drainage effect on the skin. We recommend booking a course of 5 treatments in total to achieve the optimal results.

€ 98,-




5 treatments


€ 441,-



Be enchanted by our wellness body treatments in Tyrol (Austria)!