ALPIENNE Herbal dream 80 min. 

A fragrant herbal foot bath prepares you for the subsequent foot massage with revitalising effective ingredients. The treatment uses warm herb pouches to ensure deep relaxation combined with special massage techniques. The Alpienne oils used are adapted specially to your constitution to allow your strength to unfold to the full.


          € 118,-



ALPIENNE Salt-crystal massage 80 min.

Enjoy a relaxing natural salt scrub with arnica, honey & stone pine or St. John’s wort and biopir to cleanse and care for your skin before we apply a salt stone massage using genuine salt-crystals. The salt-crystal massage increases blood flow, relaxes the tissues and has a positive impact on the nervous system.


€ 118,-



ALPIENNE Athlete‘s massage 80 min.

For Alpinists, passionate walkers and skiers, we offer an invigorating and relaxing sports massage targeted at the most stressed areas and muscles. The body as a whole is balanced out using Alpinne oils selected especially for you. Feel the regeneration and renewed vitality unfold.


€ 118,-




ALPIENNE leg massage 25 min.

After any sporting activity, we recommend this soothing lower leg massage followed by an arnica calf wrap.


€ 49,-



Full-body apple massage 50 min. 

Starting with a full-body scrub, this full-body massage has a particularly revitalising effect. After the scrub, a moisturising apple mask is placed over the body and massaged in with gentle strokes. Soothes very dry skin.


€ 78,-

ALPIENNE natural salt body scrub 25 min.
Natural salt scrub with arnica, honey Swiss stone pine or St John's wort & Biopir cleans and cares for your skin.

€ 42,- 





Enjoy your wellness weekend in the Ötztal!